Validation of the gobiid fish genus Pascua

John E. Randall

aqua, International Journal of Ichthyology, pp. 35-38, Volume 12, Issue 1 – November 2006


The gobiid fish genus Pascua Randall, 2005, type species P. caudilinea Randall, 2005 from Easter Island, placed in the synonymy of Hetereleotris Bleeker, 1874 by Hoese & Larson (2005), is validated. Hetereleotris sticta from Rapa and H. readerae from Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs are reclassified in Pascua. Thirteen Indo-Pacific species of gobies were placed in the genus Hetereleotris by Hoese (1986). The first character given in his diagnosis of the genus was “the first gill slit closed by a membrane from the gill cover to one-half or more of the lower limb of the first gill arch.” The remaining characters given by Hoese for Hetereleotris are so diverse that it is likely that the genus will be divided into several genera when a thorough phylogenetic study is made. In view of the distinctive characters shared by the three South Pacific species (admitted as a probable monophyletic series by Hoese & Larson 2005), Pascua will no doubt survive as a genus.

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